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27. 03. 2014

My personal goals update march

March has whizzed by but I have still remembered to quickly mention the update for my personal goals for this year. I know these kinds of posts can get tedious really fast so I promise that I will keep it brief!


1. Lose weight/exercise more

I was doing so well!!! Then Miss E got a cold, the weather turned bad and I decided to start eating everything in sight… At least I know it can be done – not all of the weight has been regained and I have very much enjoyed eating for England. And I have taken Miss E out on the bike several times – she loves it thank goodness. Just need for the weather to pick up again.


2. Work on the house and garden

I have made *some* progress but, like above, warmer weather will get me on my way


3. Stop breastfeeding

Yes – so I wrote this, then this happened and now I think I’m still going to self-wean but there have been some days this month where she has only had breastmilk because it hurt her throat to eat anything else. This is both brilliant (for her) and not so brilliant (for me).


4. Post regularly on this blog

I am on fire – shorter posts means I post more often! Nt sure if the quality of the post is the same every time – do I overpost?


5. Work on some story ideas

Nope. I laugh at the idea I have time to do this. Maybe things will calm down over the summer? I like the idea of being able to make some notes when Miss E is playing – but that means taking my eyes off her for a more than a moment…


6. Be more creative with presents and celebrations.

Again nope. But I still have high hopes for Christmas (2015?!)

Thanks for bearing with me!


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