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Something about Big Banana BB600

We have always talked about different scan tools from the big giants like the scan tool or the Innova. However, there are also other scanner manufacturers whom we can talk about like the big banana scan tool manufacturers. One of the products which I sadly introduce to you for the first time is the Big Banana BB600 Reset Check Engine Light CAN Car Auto Scanner Diagnostic OBDII Scan Tool Code Reader.


Big Banana BB600

This is rather anew machine among the array of several being brought into the market. It is amazing how the simple looking OBD II scan tool works with a lot of ease on your vehicle. For starters, this is among the few tools which are fitted with a backlight LCD screen for ease of data reading.

The compatibility range of the scanner is just out of this world given the fact that it covers both new car brands. This is partly made possible with its coverage of the CAN code scanning protocol and the several OBD II compliant code protocols.

The big banana BB600 has an addition of the check engine light function meant to be able to warn the driver of some impending fault codes. This function is even supported by the ability of the scan reader to read both live data and freeze data at the same time.

Operation mode

The scan tool has a navigation mode which is made of a four button navigation system where the reader is paired with other enablers like the displays. However, it is the ease of use that makes it among the best gadgets to help save you money. With it, the several visits to the mechanics are a thing of the past.

While there is love for standalone OBD II scan tools all over the market, this one works differently despite the presence of a battery backup to provide its power and thus does not rely on the car engine while in use. The portable nature of the OBD II reader is amazing at 10.4 ounces of weight and a sizable figure to boot.


full box of big banana

With its several pin connectors, you get to use the tool by just having it connected to the cars DLC port. These pins just like in most OBD II scan tools are coded to be able to ease the connectivity. One of such pins therefore serves as the power source while another connects it to the other car engine areas like the onboard computer.

You not only get to read the data codes on the big banana BB600 but also get to have a clearly defined description of each of the data codes. This is why it is convenient even to those who are not mechanics to use. The OBD II scan tool market in the United States is such a unique one and so it is necessary for the big banana BB600 to satisfy the market demand at best.

Looking at the OBD II reader, one will not believe the warranty provided by the manufacturer just to help build confidence. With this, the user has enough warranty to stay afloat on matters to do with OBD II use without having to worry.


So if you are still doubting or just going around, visiting this page will have enlightened you on the relevant tool to buy. By the way, what is your car brand, when was it made, these are some of the questions you will need to ask yourself at this juncture. Buying the big banana BB600 will however save you lots of cash based on the experience of many other users who have tried it. So go for yours today.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Knowing More on HVLP Paint Sprayers

HVLP paint sprayers are one of the most essential parts of home improvement. Paint sprayers are being used all over the world and the HVLP paint sprayer is one of the highly classified sprayers. The abbreviation of HVLP is High Volume Low Pressure. And which means this machine works with LP and VP. Using paint sprayers is much easier and comfortable than painting with a brush or roller. They are much backdated. Nowadays paint sprayers are being used all over the world. It has become famous so quickly for its time saving and money saving method.
HVLP Paint Sprayers Reviews

What is HVLP paint sprayer?

Generally a paint sprayer is a gun in which paint is compressed and by the pressure created inside, the paint comes out and smoothly leaves a long lasting color coating. There are some kinds of paint sprayers. Like the HVLP, the LVLP, the airless etc. One must choose one for their particular work or reasons.
The high volume low pressure paint spray is known all over the world. It works with a compressor also like a simple one but it has low pressure with high volume of air. It paints at a lower pressure that makes a painter more accurate to paint his target. By using the low pressure it spreads the paint molecules very smoothly. This paint spray helps preventing any air pollution. It is mostly used for simple paint coating like furniture, decorating an obstacle etc.

How to use?

Working with a painting tool is always time lengthy and hard. But when painting with the HVLP paint sprayer, your work becomes much easier and comfortable. It can save your countless valuable hours. But before you can spray you can make the steps as your plan below.

  • First select the place or thing you want to paint with the paint spray gun.
  • You must learn basic things before you can continue.
  • Choose a pattern for your painting.
  • Wear recommended cloths and masks to keep you safe through the process.
  • Maintain a good distance from you and the surface.
  • Maintain the pattern well. The betterment of the paintwork depends much on following that pattern and your plan.
  • Maintain the recommended distance between the surface and the gun given in the manual book.

For more information we recommend you to visit this website,, you can find the best HVLP paint sprayer gun or you can read Best HVLP paint sprayer reviews.

Finding the best for you:

HVLP paint sprayer gun
There are so many companies spreading their tool’s advertisement. You can choose one by seeing them by own eyes. You need to buy the best paint sprayer if you want to get the most benefit from it. After the best product for you is found, you can practice a lot with it. Be experienced working with this tool. You can read best HVLP paint sprayer reviews if you need any help.

Your safety

Paint sprayers are very essential. But you need to keep you safe from any toxicity. To make sure that you are safe; you need know learn a lot about these housing tool. For your safety wear recommended cloths and mask. Keep the best distance from the surface to your gun. Keep you far from the vaporized paint molecules. The mask will protect your eyes.
Paint sprayers are really working. Many people all over the world are being the beneficiaries of this tool. You can also be one. Just make sure you have the best paint spray gun in your hand. You can take the paint spray gun as your painting hobby. It won’t cost you enough time or hard work. On the other hand it will give you a lot of pleasure. If you are a man with painting hobby then paint sprayers are great for you. You can art with this tool. Many people do so. So there is no doubt that the paint sprayer gun is better than any other painting tools. When you are thinking of painting any of the obstacles or paint your house, you must get the Paint sprayer. That will ease your work and give you amazing refreshment.

Welcome to our NEW home!

Welcome! Please come in and have a look around!

One of my personal goals for this year was to move Everyday Magical to a self-hosted site, so that I would have more input over the design and functionality over my blog. Just as I signed up with a new domain host – my internet died for a week (here in the New Forest we are lucky if we get a better connection than dial-up!) – so things have progressed a lot slower than I would have liked! Things are starting to get moving again though now. The lovely folk at have moved over my existing followers from my old site and I’m looking forward to posting regular updates about life with Miss E!


I have lots of fun things planned for this year and I am excited that it is March already – I am longing for Spring so that we can spend more time outside. When the weather improves I have (washable!) paints and colourful patio chalk for some crafty fun in the garden, and as Miss E approaches the magical 18-month mark I am looking forward to doing a lot more hands on activities with her:

– starting with baking simple recipes,

exploring nature with trips to local beauty spots (Salmon Leap and Testwood Reserve to mention two),

– beginning her with basic Montessori practical life skills,

– and exciting open-ended invitations to play.

I hope you will come join us!

My Extended Breastfeeding Weaning Action Plan

I have mentioned before my desire to stop breastfeeding Miss E. Part of me knows how much I am going to miss it but for several reasons I think it is the right time to gradually start weaning her off. At the end of last year I was breastfeeding her six times a day; morning feed at 5am, morning nap at 8.30am, afternoon nap at 1.30, her bedtime feed at 6pm month and two nighttime feeds at 11pm and 2.30am. A few weeks ago she spontaneously (!) started sleeping through the night so dropped the two nighttime naps but she still has four during the day. I think NHS Health Visitors recommend she has one feed a day a 15 months…

I think the time to begin weaning is right for us now because my personal reasons for wanting to stop aside I am worried about her solid food intake. The last few days she has eaten less and less, and I know she is relying on the boob when she is hungry. Also I thought I would be less tired now she is sleeping through but if anything I feel much more exhausted – but I’m hoping this is just because I’m taking some time to adapt to the change in routine. She naps on my lap and constantly suckles for comfort which is lovely but draining too. I was hoping to wait until the weather improved to start weaning her off more feeds as she loves going outside and it would work as a great distraction.

We could eat outside for breakfast and lunch too if the weather was better. I’m not worried about her losing weight and she is hitting all her development milestones but something needs to change. For example, yesterday she ate a yoghurt for breakfast, a few bits of a cream cheese sandwich for lunch and some grated cheese and a fromage frais for dinner. I am guilty of giving her snacks in between just because I know she will eat them. I am not going to wean her off quickly and see it as a process that will take about six month.

My three big goals I want to reach by summer are:

1. Put Missy in cot for morning nap. No more nursery naps but I have tried this several times without much luck. Truth is she might nap in her cot for half an hour – if I’m lucky enough to get her to settle in it – but she will nap for up to two hours on me. I tried again this morning to put her in her cot once she had fallen asleep on me but the transition is very difficult to do without waking her – and upsetting her.

My solution 

Cut her down to one nap a day (after lunch). Go mad trying to distract her from the boob in the process. Try to encourage her to nap in cot.

2. Improve solid food intake. I don’t know if there is anything I could have done differently when we first started to offer her solid food. I didn’t make my own – that is something I would do differently next time – but she never had the urge to take food off my plate or showed much interest in what we were eating. If anything I would breastfeed exclusively for longer and not be in a rush to get her to the next stage of her development.

My solution:

I can’t and will not force feed her. I can only continue to offer her food (and stop giving her anything resembling a sugary treat). She will try most things – but will pull a face and spit anything out that isn’t a dairy product. Except for cow’s milk – of course she doesn’t like it – and won’t even try it…unless it’s chocolate milk which I don’t want to encourage.

3. Gently wean her off morning, nap time and evening feeds. I understand why some mums decide to go cold turkey and stop breastfeeding abruptly and not gradually. But the thought of breast engorgement and a very unhappy toddler makes it unappealing.

My solution:

I will cut out the morning feed first and offer her an early breakfast…then work on the other two feeds.

While I have tried researching online for helpful tips on weaning most forums only encourage child-led weaning. Which is really great and all – but not helpful to me at this time. Miss E has never had a bottle and she is a big fan of breast milk so I can’t see her choosing not to feed anytime soon. I have set myself an end date of June 2014. If she is even close to weaning by then I will be happier. I’ll be honest though – weaning her from the breast going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, I have no idea what I will do when her back teeth come in, and whether she will nap at all without the boob. I’ve heard of women falling into depression when they wean before they are ready and over a short period of time; and if I feel like that I will have to seriously reconsider if it’s the right thing to do…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Improvement of Trust

When you finish your golf game it will contain lots of practice. You have to train the body to develop the best attitude as well as proper swing action golf.
Your time is needed in addition to minute details such as this to exercise the golfing grip. Nevertheless, after these people practiced the actual techniques as well as strategies, one essential requirement is the actual mental attitude in your direction toward another associated with golf?Best-Golf-rangefinder-swing

This really is from the span of concentration, and it is essential for the game, is sufficient to wreck your opportunity to sink the actual putt. Focus is essential to prosperous games.
More often than not, the intensity of the focus, relies sure just how much golf you mainly your own skills. If you wish to know how you can develop your own spiritual self-confidence, please continue reading. Besides the best golf rangefinder is also needed for the improvement of your golf.

You cannot for those who have not actually ready, make sure you check psychologically. Training is essential. If all of us continued in order to exercise the actual attitude of the swing, your hold and every single day, have the pat-down methods, techniques as well as appropriate. It’s after just about all, if you realize that will begin but will end up the main whole program of you. “Eat the golf residing breathing” may be prepared for that game effectively; you reported by users you may play well using the sense associated with security that’ll be the correct match.

Continued development within the areas of the game isn’t good is actually closely attached to the very first. If you think that a person honestly, following each procedure means, when it comes to hitting the actual ball which faceable towards the fairway If you’re able to improve your situation in the actual green, you may also hold a person. You may play an excellent golfer with regard to watching academic videos, and enhance myself get a concept of the actual technology. Visualization may be the key in order to solid religious trust.

THOUSAND OAKS, CA - DECEMBER 05:  Tiger Woods hits his tee shot on the fifth hole during the final round of the Chevron World Challenge at Sherwood Country Club on December 5, 2010 in Thousand Oaks, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Tiger Woods

THOUSAND OAKS, CA – DECEMBER 05: Tiger Woods hits his tee shot on the fifth hole during the final round of the Chevron World Challenge at Sherwood Country Club on December 5, 2010 in Thousand Oaks, California. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Tiger Woods

If you wish to play within the tournament, have you been? Up in order to where I wish to go in order to court; please attempt to imagine you to definitely sink the putt, won the actual trophy at the conclusion. Please attempt to imagine the actual trajectory of the ball. That which you wear, please begin to see the cheers from the last contact of eco-friendly grass, associated with victory. Much more vivid, some tend to be more effective your own imagination.
We are at the conclusion; go easy by yourself if points go while you wish this. You do the very best, while taking pleasure in every minute of the game, you tend to be confident spiritual realize that was prepared just for this every single child win the actual golf tournament the following still. Moreover by reading the golf rangefinder reviews you can earn a lot of knowledge and it can help you to improve your trust.